Monthly Archives: November 2013

Windows 8 Smart Screen E-book Problems

Windows Smart Screen Alert? Using Windows 8 Smart Screen? If you get a warning when opening your ebook, follow these instructions so that you can allow the download: If you see the screen above, choose RUN, then you will get the warning screen below – click More info:   Now the following window will open – Choose Run Anyway.… Read More »

Your 2013 Ebook

Hi, Thanks for being a Cloudeight Booster! As promised, we’ve finished the 2013 InfoAve Premium E-Book Volume 10 and you’ll be the first to download it. It’s free for all our boosters. InfoAve Premium E-Book Volume 10 is our biggest, and we think, best e-book ever. We hope you think so too. Please download your free copy of… Read More »

Cloudeight Boosters

Dear friends, First, we both want to thank you for your generous support. Many of you have been with us a long time — and we appreciate it very much. We just wanted to let you know how we’re going to communicate with all of you who are boosters — to let you know of special deals just… Read More »