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If you’re already a booster  and would like to make another donation to help us – this page is for  you.  This is completely voluntary and  is not required. You will always be a Cloudeight Booster and always entitled to all the freebies  and discounts for Boosters!  We appreciate your support. We both thank you for being a booster!
Cloudeight Boosters - Help us with your gift

 Thanks so much for your help and your friendship.

16 thoughts on “Donate

      1. hlauben

        Although I understand your reticence, I think some of us would be delighted to give 10 or 15 a month but don’t want to make the much of a donation at one time. Just a thought

        1. Cloudeight Boosters

          Hi we’ve considered this, but our experience with subscription-like payment systems has not been good. People forget they signed up (after some time) and they write and wonder why we are charging them. I guess we’re just a bit gun shy about moving to that kind of subscription-based donation system. That being said, donations of any amount help so you don’t have to make large donations when you do donate. Any amount is very much appreciated. We are trying to stay afloat in a world where small mom & pop shops are closing and giving up because big companies with large budgets are taking over the Web. We will not resort to installing malware or PUPs on people’s computers, we will not allow products to be advertised that we would not use ourselves. We’ve turned down literally hundreds of thousands of dollars (literally) over the past decade from people who would have paid us well to advertise their products/services or install their malware & hijackers on our readers and site visitors computers. We have never given in and we will never give into that kind of thing no matter how bad things get financially.

          Trust us on this. If there were a way we could keep things going without donations we certainly would do so. But each year at this time we find ourselves stuck in the winter doldrums – after Christmas sales are always slow. So, we ask for help and hope enough people think enough of us to donate a few dollars to help us.

          We appreciate donations of any size – very much.

          Thanks so much for being a booster.

    1. marianrose

      Do hope these funds will help. Unfortunately I cannot do more at the moment. Because of the exchange rate, it costs me almost half as much again in Australian dollars. $US 10 equals almost $AU15 at the moment

  1. Latenitema

    How do I get my download for Faststone Capture Pro I donated and never got anything?

    1. Cloudeight Boosters

      Links and license key will be sent to you within 48 hours. We should have most of them sent this afternoon (1/29/2016). We send all keys and info personally – we don’t have robots or auto-responders. We ask that you be patient and we’ll get your info and key to you just as soon as we can.

      Thanks so much!

  2. Jan

    I donated a few days ago and then registered just this eve. I don’t need Faststone Capture. Just glad to help in a small way.

  3. Gail

    The “Buy Now” button doesn’t seem to work–it is only an image, not a link. Maybe it’s my system?

  4. Floydyisms

    Hope you both have a Christ filled Christmas, thanks for all you do ?


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