Welcome to all our new boosters!

By | May 1, 2016

Welcome to all our new boosters!

Thank you all so much for your help and support. Just a note that we’ve extended our Boosters’ Store intro pricing through May 2, 2016. Some of you have asked for an extension and others didn’t receive the special newsletter we sent on Saturday (30 APR 2016).

You can get intro pricing on several of our most popular items by visiting our Cloudeight Boosters Store.

After May 2 the Boosters prices will be raised but still a discount over non-booster prices.

Welcome to all our new boosters and THANK YOU to all our Cloudeight Boosters.

10 thoughts on “Welcome to all our new boosters!

  1. Chrikijay

    Been a ‘member’ of Cloudeight since way, way back when…. and used Computer Care with fantastic results. Happy to be able to become a Booster member !!

  2. RUTHIEFranges

    Have been a member pf Cloudeight for many years; and I still need your help!

  3. Geezer

    Been getting your newsletter for a long time and have come to think very highly of you. Glad to give something back.

  4. winter701

    Just joined the Boosters but I’ve used Cloudeight to help with my computers. EXCELLENT, talented people!

  5. icewolf

    I’m a very happy Cloudeight member for many a year. I always look forward to the weekly newsletter.
    I have used Computer Care and to say the service was excellent is an understatement.
    Keep up the great work! What would we all do without you both.


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