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If you have an email program like Outlook, Outlook Express, Becky, Netscape Communicator Messenger or other client capable of sending and viewing HTML messages (web style) and are using Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape Communicator 4.0 or better, you can send a one of our special holiday greetings to a friend or loved one right from the Web. You can type a short note at the top to personalize it, sign your name, and include your email address if you like.

Instructions: Below you will find several thumbnail pictures of our special web pages. Click on the one you like. The page will open full size and if you like it you can send it to anyone you like by:

Clicking "File"  and then selecting "Send Page by Email". In Netscape you must have Messenger set up for sending and receiving HTML (in "EDIT" Preferences").

When your mail program opens, type in the recipients address, and move your cursor down to the top of the page. You can now type in a short message and sign your name if you like. You're all done! All you have to now is send it.

All the pages have music included. Please note due to design preferences, the music is not playable in Netsape Browsers. Also, remember that the recipient must be using a newer HTML capable mail client to view your mail correctly.

OK. All set? Choose the page you like by clicking on the picture and surprise someone with a beautiful holiday greeting! Thank you for visiting today.

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