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Thank you all so much for subscribing to our newsletters and support throughout the year. This year we'd like to give you a gift of our book of essays - we call "Raincrows and other essays". This e-book contains 87 essays (over 300 pages) written from 2002 through 2014 and we're giving it away free for Christmas.

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Raincrows and other essays by Cloudeight

For many years you've been asking us to put together a book of our essays. We've finally done just that and we are very proud to announce that our new book "Raincrows and other essays" is available now in all the most popular ebook formats. You get all formats for one price and you can share the ebook between all your devices.

"Raincrows and other essays" features 87 of our favorite essays written between 2003 to 2015;  this ebook contains over 350 pages of great reading. And for a limited time we're offering this ebook at a special price.

Our Raincrows help page features some tips for you on how to move the ebook to  your other devices such as a tablet computer or phone. And we'll show you how to read the ePub format on  your Windows PC by downloading a fabulous freeware program called Calibre and we highly recommend that you do. We'll also give you advice for reading the Windows-only version. You can also print any or all of the essays from the ebook if you like.

Countless hours went into this ebook. We especially thank our editor, Muriel S., for editing this ebook and fixing up our grammatical snafus, typos and homonyms.

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We hope you enjoy this ebook as much as 'we've enjoyed writing it and putting it together for you.

See our Raincrows help page to get the most from this ebook.

Excerpt from the title essay "Raincrows":

"Today was a rainy, unseasonably chilly day in May. I waited most of the day for the rain to stop so that I could take my daily walk. I've always liked to walk but just in the past couple months I've become an avid walker; motivated by recent health problems and spurred on by my Georgian friend, I try to walk at least one hour each day. Today was no exception. The rain finally stopped.

Although it was very chilly for a day in mid-May, a light jacket and a brisk pace were all I needed to keep myself comfortably warm. The sidewalks and streets were glistening wet, the wind was calm, the sky a gloomy, endless overcast that made the time of day seem later than it really was.

For those of you who walk you'll probably understand it when I say that a long walk exercises your mind as well as your body..."

Click here to download "Raincrows and Other Essays" FREE
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