Cloudeight Internet -Thunderbird Mail Set-up Service

Our Cloudeight Direct Thunderbird Set-up Service

Thunderbird is an great email program that works in Windows 10 (and Windows 8x and Windows 7) and looks very much like Windows Live Mail / Windows Mail. With our Thunderbird Set-up Service, we can set it up for you to work and look as much like the mail program you're used to using!

Our Thunderbird Email Set-up Service includes:

  • Installing Thunderbird on one computer
  • Setting up your email accounts in Thunderbird (up to 3 accounts) and configuring them correctly.
  • All accounts will be set up as IMAP accounts so all mail messages and folders on your mail server(s) are displayed in Thunderbird.
  • Configure font, images, privacy and other settings so that Thunderbird works more like the email program(s) you're used to.
  • We will include  Thunderbird email tips & tricks to help you get the most out of your new Thunderbird email program.
  • If you want to use Email Stationery, we will set this up for you, and include a stationery collection! 
  • All of this for $35

Note: Newer updates to Thunderbird may not have a stationery plug in available - we tested on a beta version coming out, and it was not working, so we cannot give any guarantees on continued development of the stationery portion. Thunderbird continues to be an excellent choice for email though!

Cloudeight Direct Thunderbird Set-up Service $35
Introductory Special Price * Good for installation & set up of Thunderbird on one Computer

Questions? Comments? Let us know.

*When we setup Thunderbird, we do not import email from other programs, but we do setup as imap, so all mail that is on the server, and all folders, will appear and will be in the Thunderbird program. If you have contacts in csv format,  we will import contacts/address book.