Cloudeight Direct Computer Care - Season Ticket
Cloudeight Direct Computer Care Season Ticket - Annual Service Plan

It’s just like having insurance for your computer. You get one full  year of unlimited* Cloudeight Direct Computer Care service for one low price.

Cost for one computer is $120 and includes unlimited service calls for 12 months. The one-year term does not start until you use your Annual Pass / Season Ticket  for the first time.

Annual Service Plan Includes:

  • Security Protection Installation and setup of Emsisoft including a free 3- month license to replace any current antivirus, antimalware, and/or anti-spyware program. 
  • Unlimited service calls for computer problems/repairs, to include:
         - Slow startup or errors
         - Adware/Malware or Trojan/Virus and rootkits removal and uninstall of any questionable programs
         -  Computer freeze ups Browser problems, pop-ups, search or start page hijackers.
         - Troubleshooting to rule out hardware issues
  • Configure Windows Settings with first service call, to include system optimization, configure startup/services and cleanup of clutter and junk files.
  • Up to three Performance Tune-ups if requested, during the annual service plan.
  • System Restore  - we will make sure this is turned on and set up correctly.
  • File History Backup -  We'll set up File History Backup for you (if you have an external hard drive with sufficient space) . This service is available on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 only.
  • Diagnose and fix computer errors before they become major problems
  • Priority scheduling for service calls so we can get your computer serviced as quickly as possible.

With our Cloudeight Direct Season Ticket, you'll get one full year unlimited Cloudeight Direct Computer Care sessions for the crazy low price of $120.

Cloudeight Direct Season Ticket
Unlimited Computer Care & Repair

For 12  Months $120


Additional Important Information

Special Circumstances:

If your computer can only be fixed by a re-install or recovery of Windows, we will provide written instructions on how to do this. Once you've done the reinstallation and/or recovery, we'll reinstall your security software, configure it and check things over for you. This is included in our Season Ticket Annual Service Plan.

The following services are NOT included with the annual service plan:

  • Hardware setup.
  • Home Networking.
  • Windows Update problems.
  • We do not install third party software programs or provide troubleshooting for third-party programs. We do install, configure and provide help with Emsisoft and this is included with our Cloudeight Direct Season Ticket Annual Service Plan.
  • We do not provide software training lessons.

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