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We are no longer setting up Windows Mail but if you had us set it up at one time, and choose to continue to want to use it, we will do a reset for you for a $10 fee. Click here if you need a reset. (Resets are free for those with an Annual Direct Care key)

Windows 7 and 8 only had one update that required a reset through the years. Windows 10 had one last year, and a two part one in July/August 2016 (major anniversary upgrade). When there are major upgrades, Windows Mail requires a reset. Since there have already been three for Windows 10 this year, we have decided to discontinue this service.

You have a few options:

1) Keep Windows Mail. If you have an annual Direct Care key, there is no charge for Windows Mail resets, or if you purchased Windows Mail when we had a special sale a few months ago with the 3 resets included, there is no charge. Otherwise $10 reset charge -  Click  here to purchase Reset

2) If you got the free Softmaker Office with Emsisoft during our promotion, the enhanced Thunderbird Email client is included and is a pretty nice email program you can try

3) You can try Windows Mail that comes with Windows 10, or Windows Live Mail 2012 if not using a Microsoft account (msn, hotmail, or email address) as Microsoft has alerted end of support for those accounts in Windows Live Mail.

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