QuickNotes 35 Colors by CloudEight Stationery
Compatible with Vista's "Windows Mail" too!


Welcome to Quicknotes 35: "Colors" Stationery Collection created exclusively for CloudEight Stationery Mail List Members. Quicknotes are non-scrolling, non-musical email stationery and must still be used the same way as our regular stationery so that your margins and text color are preset. See Help page for the 1-2-3 steps to using!

This QuickNotes collection features textures, colors, and shapes. The designs are simple and elegant and we're sure you'll enjoy using all the designs in this collection. We hope you enjoy our QuickNotes 35 "Colors" stationery collection  For ease in identifying your new stationery after it's installed all stationery in this collection have the prefix "qn35" (without the quotes).

QuickNotes 35 "Colors" A CloudEight QuickNotes Collection
Please see our HELP page before downloading if you are new to computers and/or our stationery.

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