Dog Gone
QuickNotes 35: Colors
CloudEight Stationery
August 2001

Our special thanks to Dennis Cox, The Official Illustrator of CloudEight Statoinery, for allowing us to use his illustration of the little dog in this CloudEight QuickNotes design. Please visit Dennis on the Web at and sign his guest book. He likes that a lot :-)

Thanks for previewing this QuickNotes 35 selection entitled "Dog Gone". If you're new to computers or CloudEight Stationery, please review the very easy instructions for using our stationery found at All CloudEight Stationery has preset margins (the text will not 'over-run' the graphics) and contrasting font colors, when used according to directions.


This stationery design is copyright 2001 by CloudEight Stationery (all rights reserved).

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