Step 7 (Final Step): How to Set Up an Existing Hotmail Account in Outlook Express

This tutorial is made as a "hands on" tutorial. Do what the instructions say to get to the next step!

You are done! Now click finish, and you will see your new hotmail account listed on your Outlook Express folders. You can send and receive all of your hotmail using your Outlook Express. You do not have to check it on the web anymore! If you want to check it on the web, you will see the same folders as you see in your Outlook Express, so if you are away from home and want to check your Hotmail, you still can! Keep in mind you won't see the email stationery when checking on the web though.

Click the "finish button" and  we will guide you to a page that teaches you how to download email stationery and install it automatically!

Click Finish!

You are done! Click Finish!