• Download Instructions: Go to the page that has the stationery or stationery collection you wish to use, click the Download Button... then choose "Open this file from its current location" with Internet Explorer 4 and 5 versions.  Look below for picture.

  • With Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher you can just click "OPEN". Look below for picture

  • You may get a security warning (depending on your browser setting) asking if you trust the publisher (us), just say yes and the stationery will install itself to the correct directory. Since we do not ask for personal information from you, and since we are on a dedicated server, we do not use Authenticode..

Great! You are ready to use your stationery! Click HERE for pictures to show you how to use your Cloudeight Email Stationery !


Here is what the Download Window looks like in IE 4 and 5.  Choose "Run this program from its current location"

Choose Run this program from current location! 


Here is what the Download Window looks like in IE 6. Choose OPEN

  Choose OPEN