The Top Fourteen Telltale Signs of Spyware, Adware, and/or Underware

Windows - all versions
  1. When you start your computer, or when your computer has been idle for a long time, your Internet browser opens to display Web site advertisements.

  2. When you use your browser to view Web sites, other instances of your browser open to display Web site advertisements.

  3. Your Web browser's home page unexpectedly changes or you can't change it to another home page.

  4. Web pages are added to your Favorites folder and you don't know how they got there.

  5. Toolbars are added to your Web browser and you've never seen them before.

  6. A program or programs may not start normally.

  7. When you click a link in a program, the link does not work.

  8. Your Web browser suddenly closes or freezes up

  9. It takes a very long time to start up your computer

  10. Outlook Express may not work like it once did. Other programs may no longer work or suddenly stop working without explanation

  11. You can't change your default search engine or your search results seem to be mostly advertisements disguised as relevant results.

  12. You receive "special offers" from sites you've never visited. You notice a huge increase in spam.

  13. The people you send email too complain about advertisements in the email you send them.

  14. When you go to download a program and you are told you must install other programs just to get the one you wanted.

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