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Anti-Virus?  One Will Do! But Anti-Spyware? You Need Two!
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This tip is based on a question by Joan -
I love your news letters and just finished reading this week's and am very confused. At the end of your letter you say we should have two anti virus to protect and above you say installing two is not good. I have Norton Internet Security and I also have Ad-Aware which you suggested. Keep up your great news letters and thank you

No! Here is what we say in the last part of our newsletters. It's important that everyone understand this:

NOTE: No anti-virus can protect you if you do not keep it updated. Update your anti-virus at least twice a week or more. Install and use only one anti-virus program. Installing two does not give you twice the protection. On the contrary, installing two could result in reduced protection.

NOTE: No anti-spyware program can protect you if you if do not keep the spyware definitions updated. We recommend installing and using at least two anti-spyware programs. No one program can completely protect you from all the potential spyware and adware threats.

Here's how to remember. Just say this this little TC & EB poem over and over:

Anti-virus - One will do,
But, Anti-Spyware you need two!

Anti-Virus works at a very low-level on your system. Installing more than one can cause software conflicts and even render the anti-virus programs useless. Do not ever install more than one anti-virus program on your computer. And, always keep it updated. If you want to verify that your system is clean use a good on-line scanner like Housecall at .

Anti-spyware software is different. You should have at least two installed. Right now we're recommending SpySweeper and Spybot (free). Only one of these should be selected for background protection. In other words, allow one to run continuously (SpySweeper) in the background and use the other (Spybot) to double-check your computer a couple times a week by opening it and running a scan. When the scan is done, remove any spyware it finds and close the program.

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