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Rona Wants To Know If There Is A Way Of Telling Who She Sent  BCCs To
I sometimes send emails by putting all the addressee's in blind carbon copy (BCC) so each one doesn't know who else is getting the same email. If I don't make a note of who I sent it to I cant even see who I have sent it to, so someone may be forgotten. Is there any way for the originating computer to see who is in Blind Carbon Copy. Love your newsletter, keep up the great work.

Our Answer
Yes, you certainly can! Go to your sent folder and right click on the email you want to check. Choose "Properties" from the dropdown menu that opens, then choose "Details." You will be able to see who you sent BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) to. The recipients will not be able to look in the Properties/Details to see though; it only shows on the originating computer. In other words, the recipients of your BCCs will not be able to see the others who received the same message via BCC, only you, the originator can see everyone that was sent a particular email using BCC.


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Outlook Express Quicktip

Imbed Images In Your Email Message With Just Two Keystrokes

Here is a tip that will save you time and we're betting that you'll use it a lot! Want to insert (embed) an image in your email? Click the "Alt" key and "I" key at the same time, choose "Picture" from the menu which appears, and browse to the picture you want to insert in your email.


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