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Clean Your LCD Screen
All Computers with Flatpanel and LCD Monitors

Don't turn the monitor off before cleaning it, this will help you see the smudges and smears. If your screen is merely dusty, you can wipe gently with a soft, cotton cloth or try a can of compressed air. But if your screen is downright filthy, you're going to need to do resort to stronger tactics.

First of all, don't use a glass cleaner like Windex. Windex and other ethyl alcohol / ammonia-based cleaners will turn your screen yellow over time. Who wants a yellow screen. "Not I," said the mongoose. (Where did that come from?).

You can buy special cleaners, but this is sort of throwing money away, since most of these are "ionized" water. You can buy a gallon of distilled water cheap and fill a clean spray bottle with it. Most distilled water is "ionized". If you feel that you need more than water, add a teaspoon or two of white vinegar to the water in the spray bottle and shake to mix the solution thoroughly.

Always use a soft cotton cloth rather than a paper towel or some other type of cloth.  You can carefully mist your screen with the spray bottle being careful not to let it "run" down your screen, but the best bet is to spray the water or water-vinegar lightly on the cloth and then wipe the screen until all the smudges, dirt, and other crud is completely removed. It's best to use a lot of light wipes with the cloth rather than pressing too hard with the cloth trying to remove everything quickly. Touching or pressing on your LCD screen too hard or with your fingers can cause pixels to burn out.  And you don't want that!

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