Windows Tip - Clickable Links In Email

There are many times when you might want to add a clickable link to your email. For instance to your brand new home page, or a favorite Web site, or just for fun. If you have a personal or business Web site, the best way to add a clickable link to it is by creating a signature file. That way you only have to make one file and you can add it to every email or just the ones you want to add it to. Since we've already covered this in our answer to Phil in today's issue, we'll cover some other ways to add clickable text and images to email.

First, let's cover, images and making them clickable. That way when your recipient clicks on the image they'll be transported from your email to a Web site of your choosing.

Here's an example.

Help Defend Eightball!

OK. As you can see - the image really can lead anywhere you want it to lead to. Poor Eightball!

It's simple to do this. Just insert a graphic (any graphic you want) into your email - anywhere you like. Once the graphic appears in your email, left click it. From the Outlook Express Compose Toolbar - the toolbar right above the compose window - click the "hyperlink" button - the button inside the red circle - in the image below:


The following dialog window appears - you can call it the "hyperlink tool":

Hyperlink dialog

Just type in the URL that you want the picture to link to , can click OK. Pretty easy!

Now, you can do exactly the same with text. For example.

You could put:

Visit my home page at or you could write:

Visit my home page!  They both go to the same place. But it looks a lot neater to do it the second way, don't you think?

When the hyperlink tool appears, type in the URL you want the text to jump to when clicked, - tap OK, and you've created a text hyperlink.

Now, go write some emails and show off your new skills! You can even use the Eightball Defense Fund Logo. Goodness knows, EB needs the help!

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