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Phil Wants To Know How To Make A Clickable Link To His Company's Page In His Email Signature
I want to include a link to my company's homepage in my signature, but instead of displaying the entire url, like "", I'd like it to display something like "Stock News", with that being linked to the url.  Is this possible?  I've searched everywhere and seem to remember that some time ago you gave an easy way to do this, but I can't find it.
Great newsletter, I learn from it weekly. Thanks. Phil

Our Answer
Hi Phil - thanks! It's easy to make text into hyperlinks. There are two ways to do it. You can, as you want to do, make a signature file that you can insert automatically at the end of each email, or manually at the close of each email.

Here is how you'd make a signature file for your company:

1. Open Notepad (click Start, then Run , and type in "Notepad" (without the quotes)
2. Copy and paste the following into Notepad (without the lines above and below it)



<a href="">Stock News</a>


3. Save the give the file a name like "My Signature" and save it as "My-Signature.htm" (make sure you put the quotes around it, or Notepad will save it as a text file with a double extension - and we don't want that). Make sure you save it in a location that you will remember.

4. Now open Outlook Express and click Tools/Options/Signatures.
5. Click New, Click Rename, give it a name like My Signature
6. Tick the circle next to "From file" - click the "Browse" button and browse to the location where you saved your signature file above.
7. Where it says "Files of type" it will, by default, be set to "TXT" files. We want "HTM, HTML", so use the drop down arrow to select "HTM, HTML".
8. Click on your My-Signature.htm file
9. Click Apply - OK

Now, compose a test message. When you're finished writing it, click "Insert" (on the Outlook Express compose toolbar), select "Signature". You'll see "My-Signature" listed there. Click it to insert it. If you want to use your signature in every email you write, you can set it as your default signature and if you do this, it will appear automatically when you begin a new message - the signature will be at the top and you'll have to type above it or else you'll be starting off with the closing and people will think you're crazy. We recommend not using a default signature and just inserting it manually (it only takes a second or two).

If you've done everything correctly, you'll see this:


Stock News

You can change the wording anyway you want. You can change the words "Stock News" to "My Site" or whatever. You can substitute any URL for just leave the <a href="----URL HERE">and the </a> after it. The <br> stands for line break and it can be used to add vertically spacing between lines. If you want more spacing between "Sincerely" and your name, add another <br>. If you don't want to use "Sincerely" substitute whatever closing you want - "Yours truly", "Best regards", whatever you like.

For more ways to make clickable links from text, as well as adding clickable images to your email, see our tip and trick included in today's premium edition or click here to see it on the Web!

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