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Dinosaur Cursors and Pointers and More

One day we were exploring the control panel and decided to see what options were available under the "mouse" icon. What we discovered were some excellent alternatives to the standard "arrow" pointers and "hourglass" wait icon. This tip shows you how to quickly and easily change all your pointers and cursors in Windows XP.

So if you are tired of seeing the same old mouse pointers all the time (hourglass, arrow, etc.) Windows XP offers a lot of of really nice pointer schemes, such as Conductor, Dinosaur, Old Fashioned many others! If you use the "Category View" Control Panel, select Appearance and Themes, then click Mouse Pointers under "See Also." on the left. Next to Schemes, click the down arrow and select a scheme to preview its pointers. If you use the "Classic View" Control Panel, double-click Mouse, and select the Pointers tab. Click OK to apply the scheme to your desktop. You can easily revert back to the Windows default pointer scheme by selecting "Default" from the above dialogs. If you want to see the dialog and a sample of a "Pointer Scheme" please click here. This also works in Windows 2000 as well.

We're kind of partial to the Dinosaur pointer scheme, can you tell?

And BEWARE of those "FREE CURSORS" you see advertised around the Web. They're almost always spyware/adware or worse.

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