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Who Is "Dr. Watson"?

Dr. Watson is perhaps the most well-known debugging application for Windows. Dr. Watson runs in the background waiting for errors to occur. When Dr. Watson detects an error, it takes a snapshot of everything that is going on in the system and saves the data to a log file.

You can use some of the information in the log to pinpoint where errors are occurring. Dr. Watson's log files are very helpful when submitted to technical support teams but intermediate and advanced users will find them helpful too.

In newer versions of Windows, Dr. Watson is constantly running. Windows 2000/XP users do not need to start Dr. Watson manually. Please note, however, will not see any visible indication that Dr. Watson is running. Dr. Watson's log files are stored in the Windows directory.

On older systems, users will need to start Dr. Watson before it can log any errors. In Windows 98/Me, click Run in the Start Menu and type "drwatson" (without the quotes). You'll see an icon in the System Tray when Dr. Watson is running.

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