Silly Kid! Carets Are For Rabbits!
(Outlook Express All Versions)

Who likes carets, besides bunnies and other critters? Seriously, carets are those irritating >>> that are inserted by email programs in replies and forwards. But, you can stop Outlook Express from adding MORE carets to the already caret-infested email. Then at least you won't be part of the caret problem

1. Click the Tools menu, Options
2. Click the Send tab
3. You'll see an area called "Mail sending format". Under that category,
click the Plain Text Settings and then the HTML setting and deselect the checkbox for indenting messages on reply.

Pass this tip along to your friends who use Outlook Express and soon we'll rid the world of carets :)

Yes, we know there are several "free" programs that will remove the carets which are already in the email. The point of this tip is to prevent you from adding more :)

Bonus Tip!

Make A Shortcut to Your Favorite Folder
(Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP)

Creating a shortcut to your favorite folder saves you the time and trouble of navigating to it each time. Here's how to create a Desktop shortcut to your favorite folder:

Click Start | My Computer to open Windows Explorer. Locate the folder that you want to create a shortcut by navigating through the list then right click on the folder and select Send To | Desktop (Create Shortcut) .

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