Organizing Favorites Into Folders
Written by Carolina Kid from our Cloudeight Forums

A friend of mine recently bought his first computer and in order to help him get started I prepared several tutorials. One of those tutorials is on organizing favorites into sub folders by category. I thought I would share this with forum members who might find it helpful. This is the method that I use to organize my sites so that I can find them by subject rather than having to scroll through a long list of sites on mixed subjects. This method can be as simple as having a few folders to a more involved system of putting subfolders within folders to further organize by subject matter.
I hope that this will be helpful.



To organize sites on similar topics you can create folders that will contain the related site addresses. You can name the folders so you know what kind of sites are there. For example: ENTERTAINMENT, or GEOGRAPHY & MAPS, or MEDICAL, PHOTOS & GRAPHICS, etc. To create a new folder, go to Internet Explorer and do the following:

•Click "favorites" then "Organize favorites".
•Click "Create folder" and type in the name. Give folder any descriptive name you want.
•Click "Create folder" again to create another folder,
• When you have finished creating folders click "close".
•Then, click FAVORITES and right click any folder on the list and then click "sort by name". That will put the folders in the proper order. Then, go on to part 2 below.

You can then move your existing individual favorite sites into an appropriate folder.
1.Click "Favorites", then "Organize favorites".
2.Scroll down to find a favorite site that you want to move to a folder and single click it.
3.Click "Move to folder" and single click the name of the Folder where you want to put that site. Click "ok".
4.To move another favorite site, just repeat steps 2 and 3 above.
5.When you finish moving sites to folders, click "close".

To add a new site in FAVORITES:
•While you are on the site click "Favorites"
•Click "add to favorites"
•Click the folder where you want to add the site.
•Click "ok". The site will go into the favorites folder that you chose.
Having your sites organized in folders will allow you to find them much easier. After you have organized the sites into folders, you will be able to point at any folder and see what sites are there. You can then click the site to visit it.

If you have a site in Favorites that you do not want to keep, you would right click the site and click “delete”. Click here to see a picture of my "Favorites" folders.

NOTE FROM TC & EB: Thanks, Milt!

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