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Be A Groupie! Setting Up Groups In Outlook Express
(Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Outlook Express 5 & 6)

Frank writes "I have a group of ten to twelve friends that I often send recipes, jokes, or interesting articles to. Is there a way I can send email to them without typing in all of their email addresses every time?"

There sure is Frank!   If there's a group of people you e-mail frequently, you can gather all their names together under one entry (and name)óMy Contacts or My Family, for example. Then to send e-mail to everyone in the group, you simply type the group name in the To box when you write a message, and Outlook Express automatically sends the message to every single person on the list.

We've created a quick Web tutorial to show you exactly how to set up a "Group" or multiple "Groups" in Outlook Express. Click here to see our Tutorial.

Silly Kid! Carets Are For Rabbits!
Cleaner, more beautiful emails made easy!
(Outlook Express All Versions)

Who likes carets, besides bunnies and other critters? Seriously, carets are those irritating >>> that are inserted by email programs in replies and forwards. But, you can stop Outlook Express from adding MORE carets to the already caret-infested email. Then at least you won't be part of the caret problem. And those vertical lines in HTML email that keep piling up on reply and forwarding aren't too keen either. So, as a public duty to encourage nice clean, caret-free plain text emails, and nice looking HTML messages without that vertical line in the reply, we present to you two Cloudeight tutorials!

Do you part to clean up HTML email by preventing the "vertical line" syndrome on replying or forwarding - Click here

Do your part to leave the carets to the rabbits and prevent caret patches in your email - Click here.

And, yes, we know there are several "free" programs that will remove the carets which are already in the email. We'll get to that later. The point of this tip is to prevent you from adding more :)

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