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David Has An Internet Explorer 7 Question
Hi. I downloaded IE7 about a week ago first onto a laptop then when i could see no major problems onto my desktop. I must say I like it, like the tabs and it seems to all run smoother somehow. The only thing i have found is that it seems you cannot save a username and subsequently a password anymore as each time i go to a forum or site (with the exception of my msn passport) i have to re-enter my username and password. not a problem if you can remember all the usernames you have used LOL. I wondered if you had found this and if so maybe you could make others aware to make sure they have a record before the download it.  Thanks for the newsletter and site, its been a great help over the years.

Our Answer
We, of course, don't worry about Internet Explorer 7 not saving passwords, because we use RoboForm, which works great with IE7 and Firefox 2.0. And you've heard us sing the praises of RoboForm for many weeks now, so apparently we're not singing in the right key for you. Sorry about that.

So, we're going to answer your question and remind you that allowing IE7 to save your passwords and user names is not secure and that anyone who uses your computer can login to any password site as you without your knowledge or permission. As long as you understand that risk and you want to take it, or you're sure no one else has access to your computer - we'll fix you up.

First of all, we're not sure if auto-save is turned on or off by default in IE7 since we don't use "Auto Save" (and didn't use it in prior versions of Internet Explorer). All we can tell you is that it is turned off in all our installations of IE7, so you might need to turn it on first in order to use it.

To do so, follow the instructions below:

- Open IE 7 and click "Tools"
- Click Internet Options
- Click the "Content" tab
- Click the button named "Settings" in the Auto Complete section
- Tick "Forms" "User names and passwords" and "Prompt me to remember passwords" * (see image below)

IE7 AutoComplete - Form passwords & usernames

- Click Apply
- Click Apply, OK
- Exit Internet Explorer and restart it

You should be all set now, David.

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