Instant Screen Saver (Do not add water!)
Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Most of us still use screen savers, not because they're necessary to protect our monitors (they're not necessary because newer monitors do not get "screen burn"), but because we like them. And most of us have our screen saver to come on after a certain period of inactivity - let's say ten or fifteen minutes - and then the only screen saver that will start is your "default" screen saver. But you don't have to wait, and you don't have to look at your default screen saver; you can chose any screen saver, create a shortcut to it, and start it anytime you want.

Instant Screen Savers might be for you!
Many screen savers feature beautiful photographs and soothing music; so perhaps some beautiful pictures  and music would help you to relax. An instant "beauty" break to help you relax in today's instant world!

Instantly starting a screen saver can come in handy at other times too. Like when you're at work and you're playing "Frogger" on your company computer and your boss walks in the room. Simply click your handy-dandy instant screen saver shortcut, and your screen is covered by beautiful autumnal scenery . Grab a pen and some paper and quickly scribble some kind of fancy equation and the boss will think you're busy working or unlocking the secrets of the human genome. Frogger may still be running in the background, though, so you might want to turn off your sound :)

With this tip, you'll be able to create shortcuts to your favorite screen savers that will allow you to instantly start them without waiting for your default screen saver to automatically start.

Things you need to know about screen savers:

- All Windows screen savers have the extension ".scr"
- All screen savers are executable (meaning they "run" when clicked"
- Most Windows screen savers can be found in the following directories
   a. C: \Windows
   b. C: \Windows\System 32
- All versions of Windows install with some default screen savers. These screen savers have icons which look like these:

   Windows Screen Savers

Now that you've learned all about screen savers you're ready to make shortcuts to them.

Browse through the C:\ Windows and C: \Windows\System 32 directories and look for files ending with the ".scr" extension. If you've installed some screen savers from sites on the Web they most likely will appear in one or other other of these directories too, although they may have different icons. When you find a screen saver you want to create a shortcut to, simply right-click it and choose:

 "Send to" --->Desktop (Create Shortcut)

You can then drag your new shortcut on the desktop to your start button or your Quick Launch taskbar for easy access, or you can leave it on your desktop if you don't mind the clutter :-) Just click on the shortcut to start the screen saver instantly.

A word about screen savers

While these days, screen savers are not necessary to prevent "screen burn", they remain one of the most popular downloads on the Internet. You have to be careful though. Many so-called "Free Screen Savers" are full of spyware, adware, hijackers, Trojans, and worse. So before you go off and download a free screen saver, make sure you know what you're getting. Just because a developer says "No Adware" "No Spyware" doesn't make it so. Check the reputation of the developer by doing a search for the name of the company that makes the screen savers. For instance "" is one of the Web's biggest distributors of free screen savers - and unfortunately one of the Web's most successful distributors of adware and possible spyware.

Most of you know that we offer over one hundred free screen savers that are spyware/adware free (really). And some other sites do too. Just be careful that you use your brains and check things out - first. Because after you install something, it might be too late to correct it. Think before you click "OK".

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