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Maximizing Outlook Express Windows

Robert Wants The Maximum Size, Baby!
I'm returning to the well of your experience as, once again, I can't find the answer by myself. My OE has an annoying habit of periodically minimizing the read screen.  I can maximize each time and I have also tried "stretching" before maximizing, all to no avail. Either way, it is quite frustrating and I thought that you might know of some way to lock it into the maximized format. Thanks again for your invaluable help.

For some reason Outlook Express "forgets" your window size settings -sometimes resulting in it opening in a very small window. Why this happens is unclear, some say it's a bug. We say it doesn't matter why, it happens and that's good enough :-)

First, resize the small window by dragging its edges until it fills the screen (or any size you prefer). You have to resize the window manually (in other words don't attempt to use the "Maximize" button in the top-right corner) or any changes you make won't become permanent.

With Outlook Express, for some unknown reason, does not seem to remember a completely full-sized state. So, it's best if you drag the the top/bottom, right/left edges to nearly (but not completely) to the edges of the screen. So it's in a nearly maximized state. Then, close the window by clicking the "X" in the top right-hand corner while holding down your SHIFT key. Make sure you're holding down the SHIFT key at the same time you click the "X" to close Outlook Express.

If you've done everything correctly, the next time you open Outlook Express it will be the size you set. And barring some unseen gremlin crawling around inside your computer, it should remain this way until you change it.

(A tip for those of you who are not familiar with resizing or moving windows)

You say you don't know how to resize a window? OK. Here you go: move your mouse slowly back and forth across the edge of any application window. Be careful you're not holding down any mouse buttons. Now, go past the edge of the window until you're over the Desktop and then move your cursor back and forth across the edge of the window slowly. When you see the cursor turn into a double-sided arrow, click and hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse left or right. When you release the mouse button button, the window will be the size you specified by dragging its edges. You can use this method on the top or bottom of any window too to change its height.

You can reposition any window too. To move or center the entire window, use the Title Bar. The Title Bar the strip at the very top of every application window. Normally it will contain the name of the Program on the left and the window size control buttons at the right (the "close" button (X), the Maximize button and the Restore button (which looks like a little underline or dash). To move an entire window, left-click the title bar and hold your mouse button in while dragging the entire window left, right, up or down.


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