Cindy Wants To Move Her Favorites To Her New Computer
You have most likely been asked this question before, I just ordered a brand new computer (yeah me !!)and I would like to know if there is a way to move my favorites to my new computer from my old one, My new computer does not have a floppy drive, but has 2 DVD drives. Is there a way to email them? Or is there another way that is easier? Thank you for any help that you can give me, Cindy.

Thanks, Cindy. First, you can export them directly from within Internet Explorer:

  • Select File -> Import and Export. This will start the "Import and Export" wizard.

  • Select Export and the click on "next."

  • Select Favorites and click on "next."

  • In the next window you can accept the default Save Directory or choose a new one. We suggest you choose "Desktop" so you can easily find the file that will be created. Click on "next."

  • Finally, click on "finish" and your Favorites will be saved to disk.

  • The default file name is "bookmark.htm": simply copy this file to a flash (pen) drive, email it to yourself, or both. Flash drives come in really handy for this sort of thing. You can buy them anywhere that sells computer accessories. Flash drives (also called pen drives, key drives, USB flash drives, etc.) plug right into any USB port and essentially give you an "extra" small hard drive. They range in size from 32 MB (which is equivalent to about 22 old floppies) all the way up to 3 and 4 gigabytes. We recommend you purchase a flash drive which can hold at least 256MB of data (equivalent to about 183 floppies). You'll find that a flash drive is a really handy thing to have lying around, especially when you have a new computer and you want to move files from your old computer to your new one, and don't want to get involved with networking or cabling the two computers together. You can get a 256MB flash drive for under $30.00 (or even cheaper on sale). The larger the flash drive you buy the more data you can store and/or move at one time. They are "erasable" so you can overwrite data or wipe the data and use it over and over again.

    You can use one of the many online bookmark (favorites) managers to store your favorites online and access them from any computer that is connected to the Internet. You can also use an online bookmark manager to store your favorites and bookmarks and download them to your new PC or access them when you're traveling from Internet Cafes and other public computers. Here are a couple we've heard good things about (but this is not an endorsement by Cloudeight). Please check them out and read the privacy policies of each before signing up for a free account.
    The guy running this site is trying hard to make it go. It looks like he's struggling - trying to keep the site free without advertising. That's a very difficult task. The privacy policy is very simple and we tried it out and it works well. We sure can empathize with this site.

    Or for some real fun creating a stylized web page of all your favorites, instantly, download "FaveToGo" from the link below:

    The file is a zipped archive, so extract the contents and click on the exe file represented by a big, red, toothy grin. It will instantly create a Web page that you can easily customize by clicking buttons to change the background color and the links color. Once you're done editing the page ( you really don't have to edit it at all unless you want to change the default colors - white for background, black text and blue links) you can save the file called "FaveToGo" to a flash drive or send it to yourself in an email. Simply drop the HTML file into your Links Bar in Internet Explorer for instant access to your Favorites anytime!

    You can use any combination of the above to backup your favorites!

    Please note that RoboForm also offers you an easy way to backup and restore your Favorites including passwords and usernames. The free version allows you up to ten username/password combinations. You can get more information from this page.

    And if you want to save your email accounts, messages, settings, Favorites and more, you can try it free for 15 days :) . Visit for more information about Cloudeight Email Backup Guardian.

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