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Beware The Rumors About Windows XP Service Pack 3
Windows XP Home and Professional

Microsoft has not released Service Pack 3 for XP at this time and will not be releasing Service Pack until after the launch of Windows Vista in late 2006 or early 2007. So, please be careful what you download, beta test or experiment with. There are some sites which recommend downloading a supposed Service Pack 3 but it is not genuine and it's not endorsed or offered by Microsoft. Everyone should have windows set for automatic updates so that when Microsoft releases an update, it will be readily available (you will be alerted).

There is an official service pack 3 for Win 2000 and Office but there is NO official Service Pack 3 for Windows XP.

Regarding Preview for Service Pack 3 (Windows XP Service Pack 3 Preview Review).. please be warned "This download may include additional applications bundled with the software's installer file. Third-party applications bundled with this download may record your surfing habits, deliver advertising, collect private information, or modify your system settings. Pay close attention to the end user license agreement and installation options."

More Info as reviewed from ZDNET: Microsoft has revealed plans to release a third service pack for its Windows XP operating system.

"There will be a Service Pack 3 for Windows XP," Bernard Ourghanlian, technical and security director at Microsoft France, confirmed, revealing that Microsoft's OS is set for another major update.

Windows XP's Service Pack 2, which came out last September, deeply modified the operating system by updating its security.

Windows XP SP3 will be available sometime next year--after the launch of Windows Vista, which "is the priority for the development teams," according to Microsoft France.

Microsoft has yet to reveal details about the contents of the service pack. Laurent Delaporte of Microsoft France said: "Historically, certain functions of new versions of Windows are integrated in the service packs of previous versions."


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