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Put Notepad On Your Taskbar
Written by Jim from our Cloudeight Forums

I'm new here to this forum, but I have been using the internet for about 10 yrs now. I have learned to put Notepad into my taskbar, so that when I want to make notes or copy text, I can easily open a new notepad file and copy and paste text into it, or simply type whatever text I want into it.

This a great idea when you want to remember web sites, such as links for further research. When you come upon links, if you right-click them with your mouse, you can then simply copy the internet shortcut, open a new notepad file, and paste it directly into the new file. Then you can add more as you find them. Just remember to save the file into "My Documents" with a filename that you will remember later.

This is also a great idea if you surf the internet for recipes. Simply highlight the text you want to save, right-click on the highlighted text and "copy"; then once again open a new notepad file and "paste" that information into the new file. Like I said, previously, just remember to "Save" the text file with a filename you will remember.

You could do the same thing with either WordPad or WORD, if you so desired. I just find it easy to use Notepad, as it is a simple text editor.

The way to put Notepad into your taskbar, is to do this: Go to Start/Programs/Accessories (or click "Start" "Run" and type in "NOTEPAD.EXE"  without the quotes) and then right-click on Notepad, and click on "Create a Shortcut". This will create a second shortcut for Notepad, which you can then drag onto your desktop, or put into your taskbar (which is located to the right of the "Start" button on versions of Windows from ME on). I usually rename the file so that it simply says "Notepad" rather than "Shortcut to Notepad", but that is entirely up to you. You can easily rename any file name by also right-clicking on it. (Note from TC & EB -You can also find NotePad on your All Programs/ Accessories menu and right-click and choose "Send to" "Desktop - Create Shortcut" it will place a shortcut to Notepad on your desktop which you can then drag to your taskbar (Quick Launch toolbar).)

I hope this tip helps you and as always, have fun surfing the Web!

Note from EB & TC: Thanks, Jim.

For an even better text editor (NotePad is so limited) try our favorite called "MetaPad". Visit MetaPad has a ton of features you'll love - many, many than MS NotePad. Don't take our word for it though, MetaPad is free. If you've been using NotePad, we're pretty sure once you try MetaPad you'll never go back to NotePad.

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