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Windows XP All Versions and most other versions of Windows too

These days hard drives are huge. Many are 200 GB or larger. Having only one partition on a large hard drive often means taking unnecessary chances. Why?  Because if something goes wrong and you have to format your hard drive you're going to lose everything on that hard drive (unless you backed everything up beforehand). If you have, let's say a 120GB hard drive divided up into three partitions (C - D and E) for example, you only have to format the partition on which Windows is installed to clean install Windows and get rid of all the associated Windows problems that have been building up for years. Formatting one logical partition (in this case the C partition, leaves all your data on the other partitions intact. So all those games and illegal MP3s (just kidding!) your kids have download as well as all those pictures of you when you were a baby and your dearly departed pet dog "Spot" will still be there to jerk tears from your eyes for years to come.

While it is true programs installed on other drives may not function correctly unless reinstalled, most of your settings and preferences for those programs will remain intact if the folders they are in remain intact. This means you only have to reinstall and re-register the program to get them up and running again. And, often you'll find that all those special settings you had set for those programs will still work if you reinstall the program into the same folder. It means less work for you and partitioning means a lot less time getting things back to normal. Partitioning has saved us hundreds of hours over the last few years and it can save you time and headaches too. Hey, it just recently saved us a lot of time again!

It's easy to partition a drive when the entire drive is freshly formatted - and devoid of any data. Windows XP has tools that can make partitioning a formatted hard drive easy. And most new hard drives come with utility software that can make partitioning a new hard drive as easy as moving a slider around a piece of pie.

But what if your stuck with a huge hard drive right now and you already have tons of programs and important files on it. If you're thinking you cannot partition a drive that already has Windows installed on it and lots of programs without losing data, you'll be surprised to learn that you can. We've done it before many times successfully with a program called "Partition Magic". We highly recommend Partition Magic if you're looking to partition a huge hard drive into two or more partitions and the drive you want to partition has data on it. In other words you want to partition that huge hard drive right now, without formatting it.  It's not free (of course) but it's a program that we find is very useful in many ways. To read more about Partition Magic click here. (This is a personal endorsement. We do not make a commission from sales of Partition Magic nor are we being paid by Norton (are you kidding?) to recommend it. It is a program we use and have used for several years - and in fact just used a couple weeks ago to slice a hard drive into partitions and to merge existing partitions on another hard drive.

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