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Karen Asks About Printing A List of Files On Disk
I remember in the "old days" of DOS that we could print out a list of all the files a disk contained (floppy or otherwise). I've look all around, asked other more literate folks & no one seems to know how to do this anymore. Any idea how? I'm an embroiderer & have well over a thousand individual files on 65+ backup disks & if I could print a list for each one, it would be great. This would also be handy for other disk types & file folders on the hard drives.

Hi Karen. Many things got better since the old days but a few good things were left in the dust when Windows burst onto the scene. Fortunately, what Windows lacks in directory printability, software designers have been more than willing to fill in the gap. Unfortunately, for those who are looking for free software, the choices are more limited but there are still a couple good freeware options.

One is called "Print Folder 1.02" which you can download here. Another one is called "YourDir" which you can read more about and download by clicking here. Both of these programs are freeware and they'll let you print out the contents of any drive or folder you specify.

Jeanne Asks Why Her Internet Explorer Windows No Longer Open Full-Size
I am having a problem with the windows that open in my IE I like full screen and had that for a long time but this past week every time I open a new window it is small and I even tried closing it while it was full screen but it still come out as small. So what do I do about it? I love your products and your newsletters. I have used them for as long as I have had a computer and every time something new is added or suggested I try it. I also am very happy that you have included Red Rose Stationery. Thanks for the help and the great work. Jeanne

Thanks Jeanne. We cannot tell you what happened that may have changed your window size, as it could be many different things. But, we can tell you how to fix it. The next time you click a link and it opens in a less-than-full-size window, make the window full-size by clicking the rectangle between the - and the x in the top right hand corner. Once you have done this, close this window by clicking the X in the top right corner while holding down the shift key. Close all open Internet Explorer windows. Now open Internet Explorer, visit any page and click a link. Your link should open in a new full-size Window.

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