Remove Old Restore Points - Free up disk space
(Windows XP Home and Professional)

It's easy to remove old system restore points! This is an especially good tip if you are conscientious about creating a restore point before you install software or make any changes to your system (if you don't do this, you should!).

To remove old restore points Do this:

  • Click Start

  • Click "All Programs"

  • Click Accessories

  • Click System Tools

  • Select Disk Cleanup

  • Select the drive on which Windows XP is installed (normally "C") and click OK

  • Now click the More Options tab

  • In the System Restore section, click the Clean up button

  • Click "Yes"

Make Your Computer More Stable
Open each folder in a separate part of memory
(Windows XP Home and Professional with at LEAST 512 MB of RAM Installed)

  • Click "My Computer" (or press the Windows & E keys)
  • Click "Tools" (on the Explorer Toolbar)
  • Select Folder Options
  • Select "View" and check the box in "Launch folder windows in a separate process".
    Reboot your computer

IMPORTANT: This is only for those of you who have at least 512 MB of RAM installed. Do not use this tip if you have less or it may slow down your machine. This tip will help make your computer more stable if you have enough RAM. Here's a quote from Microsoft: “When you open each folder window in a separate part of memory, the stability of Windows can be increased. However, this process uses more memory, and may cause your computer to run more slowly.” So, if you have at least 512 MB of RAM this tip is for you. If you don't.....well don't try this tip!

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