Daniel Is Irritated By Programs He's Removed Remaining In The Control Panel "Add Or Remove Programs" list
Many times when I uninstall a program it remains in the Add or Remove Programs list in Control Pane. How do you remove the programs that remain in the add/remove list after you have uninstalled the programs? This is very irritating! Thanks, Daniel
Windows programs usually include an uninstall program, but sometimes when you remove the program it still shows up in the Control Panel / Add or Remove Software list. And this does get annoying. There are several programs that will clean out these useless entries but none we've seen are free. Besides it's easy to do manually and you'll learn a bit about your computer in the process.
Let's remove these "leftover" items manually. But first, because you will be required to edit the registry, be sure to create a restore point before you proceed. To create a restore point, go to Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore. Tick the circle that says "Create a restore point" and give it a name like "Before Edit" (the date and time will automatically be added). We a restore point created if anything should go wrong you can restore your computer to the point right before you edited your registry.
 (Be sure you've actually uninstalled the program before proceeding past this point)
 Click Start-->Run --> type in REGEDIT. Now find this Key:
 Under this key will be a list of sub-keys, each representing an installed application. To see which application each sub-key represents, open it and there should be at least two values 'DisplayName' and 'UninstallString'. 'DisplayName' is the name used in the Add/Remove programs list and 'UninstallString' is the program used to uninstall the application. To remove a program from the list you can simply highlight and delete the sub-key representing that program.

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