Mary Is Getting Ready To Format And Asks How To Save Her Email

I am getting ready to format my PC. and, I was wondering if there is a way that I can save the email folders and messages I have created in Outlook Express 6 ? If so how can I get them back in outlook express once I have formatted and have Windows XP installed. Thanks, Mary


The Long and Winding Road

Open Outlook Express.

Click on the Tools Menu (at the top) and select Options.

Click the Maintenance Tab and then click on Store Folder

You now see the location of your Mail Folder in the form in the dialog window which appears. Highlight the Folder Location and press CTRL+C to copy the location.

Click Cancel twice to close all boxes.

Click the Windows Start button and the click Run. Put your cursor on the blank line In the box and press CTRL+V to paste the mail location, then click OK.

You should now have a window showing all your e-mail folders.
>From the Edit Menu, click Select All.  When all folders are selected (they'll be highlighted) from the Edit Menu click COPY. Now close the window.

Right click on an empty place on your Desktop (where there are no icons), click New and then Folder. Type in a descriptive name for the folder and hit ENTER.

Double click the Folder you just made to open it. From the EDIT Menu select Paste. Close the window.

You've just backed up your E-mail Messages and folders. You can use our Windows XP tip to copy this folder to writable CD for safe keeping. You can also move this folder to another hard drive or other removable media (Zip drive, etc.). The folder can be quite large depending on how many folders and how much email you have saved. Floppy disks are not an option for most of us.

To Restore your Folders/Messages : Locate the backup folder you created and saved to CD (or wherever you saved it). Copy it to a location on your hard drive. Open Outlook Express, File - Import - Messages . Select Microsoft Outlook Express 5 (even though it's Outlook Express 6, it still says Outlook Express 5). Click Next. Then select "Import from a OE6 Store Directory". Click OK, then browse to the folder you created earlier, click next. You can either import all messages and folders, or choose any that you want.

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