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Seven Easy Tips For Windows

Windows 98/2000/NT/ME and XP

TimeStamp for Notepad: Just click F5 when you have notepad open and it will insert the date and time for you. (my favorite!!)

Windows Quick Tip: Click Control + Escape to open Start menu.

Put Your Desktop On Your Taskbar (Windows XP): Right click an empty area of your taskbar, choose "Toolbars" and tick "Desktop"

Put Internet Explorer Links On Your Taskbar (Windows XP): Right click and empty area of your taskbar, choose "Toolbars" and tick "Links".

Customize the Start Menu
You can right click on any item in the start menu and move it, copy it, delete it, change it's properties whatever. To move or copy an item from your desktop to the Start Menu, just drag it over the Start icon, and the Start Menu will open up. Drop it wherever you want it in the start menu.

One-Step URLs
Right-click your taskbar, choose the "toolbars" option, and select "Address". A new item will show on the taskbar that allows you to type in any URL (on the Internet, your hard drive, or a network share) and automatically open that page or folder.

Open Files Using "Open With"
This allows you to use the "open with" command to open a file from Explorer or the desktop. In Explorer or on the Desktop (wherever the file is) hold down shift and right click the file. You now have an "open with" option. Click on "open with" and you can open the file with any program on the computer. The original association remains unless you click always open with this program.

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