Speeding Up Outlook Express

Donald Wants To Speed Up A Lethargic Outlook Express
I have a question about Outlook Express. I save a lot email, It seems as though Outlook Express has become very slow recently. I would like to know if I can save ALL of my email onto a disc or in a folder - then clean out all of my Outlook Express folders and start over with a "clean slate?" Is this possible and if it is, how would I do it? Thanks, Donald

You can speed up Outlook Express without completely removing everything. First, check your "Sent" folder. By default, every email you send is saved in your "Sent" folder. If you send a lot of email or you've never cleared the "Sent" folder, now is a good time to do that. Assuming there's nothing in there that you need to save, you can simply delete the contents of the "Sent" folder.   Open your "Sent" folder. Highlight one of the messages and then hit the Ctrl + A keys (to select all messages) then hold down the "Shift" key while depressing the "Delete" key. Holding down the "Shift" key while deleting the messages in the "Sent" folder prevents Outlook Express from moving all the messages you deleted to the "Deleted Items" folder.

If you have a lot of email in your Inbox or other folders you want to save, you can move these to another folder. Create a folder on your Desktop and call it whatever you like - something like "Saved Email". Open your Inbox, select one message and then hit the Ctrl + A keys (to select all messages) and drag the highlighted messages from your Inbox to the folder you just created on your Desktop. Whether you choose "Copy" or "Move" when dragging and dropping the messages into the folder on your Desktop, the messages will still be in your Inbox. After you've verified that all your email is safely stored in the folder on your desktop, select all messages in your Inbox (Highlight one message, hit the Ctrl + A keys) hold down the Shift key and then hit the Delete key.

Now that your Inbox and "Sent" folder are empty, clear your Deleted Items folder (if any messages are in it) by right-clicking on the Deleted Items folder and choosing "Empty Deleted Items Folder". Once your Deleted Items folder is empty, close Outlook Express and reopen it. It should run much faster for you now.

You should also try "compacting folders". But before you do this, open Outlook Express, click on "Tools" "Options" and uncheck the "Check for new messages every __ minutes". This is very important because you do not want Outlook Express checking for new messages while you are compacting folders or serious problems could result. After you've turned off auto-checking for new messages, click on "File" "Folder" "Compact All Folders". Compacting may take several minutes depending on how many email messages are in your message store.

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