There's' A Storm Comin' - Close All The Windows Fast!
Windows XP (All versions)

Have you ever found yourself with a dozen or applications open (or a dozen or so windows open) and be working back and forth between them - then you need to troubleshoot something or you want/need to install something and wanted to shutdown all running applications? Hmmm, you haven't? We have, and we're betting a few of you out there have too. If not, then we're completely out-of-touch with reality and you can skip to the next tip :-)

If you've ever needed to close multiple application with multiple windows open all at the same time, your probably have methodically brought each one up, one by one, and clicked the little-x in the top right corner to close each window - or you've brought each application up, one by one and closed each - one at at time. But what if you could shut down all running applications and close all open windows quickly without trudging through each and closing them?

Here's a way to do it:

1. Hold down the CTRL key, and click each of the task icons on the taskbar
(each task icon will look depressed - not sad, depressed - like pushed in depressed!)

2. When you've clicked them all and get to the last one, right-click on it and choose "Close Group".

After you've selected "Close Group" Windows will begin the exit procedure for each open application and window. Don't worry! If any application has any unsaved information (for instance, in a open document you're working on), the program will still warn you that you have unsaved work in progress and you'll have a chance to to save your work before the program closes.

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