Judy Wants To Know If System Restore Can Help If a Virus Infects Your Computer
I've enjoyed your e-zine premium for quite a while.  I have a question regarding System Restore that I've never seen an answer for.  You mentioned System Restore in your Nov. 25th issue.  Case scenario:  If you contact a virus, trojan or worm that had no removal tool and slipped by all your protection.  Can you roll-back your system (to a previous) restore point and would you be okay?  Personally I don't think so; as it is still there somewhere lurking to arise.  What is the real answer please?  I'm an advanced user and would really like the truth. Thanks, Judy

System Restore is a great feature and can be used to "go back" to another point in time. This is useful if you install new programs, new hardware, new drivers, etc. that cause serious problems with your computer. System Restore can save the day in situations like these.

But System restore cannot restore your computer to a pre-infected time and help you avoid a recent infection by virus, trojan or worm. System Restore only restores certain files -many files, like email, documents, etc. are not restored and the virus could be lurking anywhere on your system including places that System Restore does not touch. Therefore, don't count on System Restore to back out of a recently acquired infection.

For more about System Restore and what it does and does not restore visit this page. Also see Microsoft's assessment of System Restore working with your Anti-Virus program.

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