Windows Vista Tips And Tricks

Are You A Quick Launch Fanatic?

Here's a cool tip for those of you who love using your Quick Launch toolbar. Rather than clicking on the shortcut icons in your Quick Launch toolbar, try this: Hold down the Windows key and then press the shortcut number. This works for the first 10 shortcuts. For example, to start the third item in the quick launch shortcut press and hold down the Windows Key + 3.

Add "Move to" and "Copy to" To Your Windows Vista Right-click Menu

Those of you who have installed Windows Vista have probably noticed that the right-click menu is quite different than it was on previous versions of Windows. One of the features we like the most, the "Move to" and "Copy to" menu items don't appear in Windows Vista's right-click menu when you right click a file.

If you've ever wanted to move a file from, let's say, Drive C to a folder on Drive E, you can open up two Windows Explorer windows and drag and drop the item, but this is a lot of unnecessary rigmarole, we think. Wouldn't it just have been easier for the Windows Vista brain trust to have put "Copy to" "Move to" selections on the right-click menu? Indeed. But, they didn't.

But, all of you who've learned that easier is most often better, will love this trick.

Right click on this link, choose "Save" or "Save target as" and save it to your desktop. Unzip the file to a folder and right-click on one of the two files inside the zip and choose "Merge". You'll get a warning, that you're about to enter information into the registry. You can either trust us and allow the registry info to be entered and then you'll have  "Move to" or "Copy to" items on your right-click menu depending on which file you chose. After you're done with the first file, do the same with the second file. After you've finished you'll have "Copy to" and "Move to" displayed on your right-click menu whenever you right-click on a file. It makes it easy to move files from one location or another. You can copy or move multiple files by holding down the CTRL key while you select each file you want to move, when all files you want to move or copy to another location are highlighted, right-click one of the selected files and choose "Copy to" or "Move to" from the right-click menu.


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Navigate By Typing

One of the coolest features of Windows Vista is the ability to use the "Search" form at the bottom of the start menu to open a program. For instance, normally, to get to "System Restore" you'd have to go through the Start Menu/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore to open System Restore. Digiknow, in Windows Vista, all you have to do is click the Windows button (formerly known as the Start button) and type System Restore in the Search Box and press Enter. That's it. Quicker than you can say "Bill Gates" System Restore opens up. Ok. We'll maybe not that quick because you still have to deal with the UAC Warning asking if you want to open System Restore. But, it's a lot faster than navigating the Start Menu.

It works with lots of other things too. Try Control Panel, People Near Me, Computer, and see what happens. Pretty cool, we think.

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