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Lock It Up
Windows XP Home & Professional

Lock your XP desktop with two clicks of the mouse. Create a new shortcut on your desktop using a right mouse click, select "New" then "Shortcut" and enter rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation  in the location field. Give the shortcut a name like "Lock Desktop". That's it -- just double click on it and your computer will be locked. Or if you like keyboards - Windows key + L will do the same thing :-)

Here's A Bonus-Tip - A Printable List of Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

How New Is That Web Page You're Visiting?
Windows 98/ME/2000 and Windows XP Home and Professional - Internet Explorer 5 and 6

Do you ever wonder how new the information is on a Web site you're visiting? Digiknow that you can determine the exact date and time when a website was last updated or modified by inserting the following link in the Internet Explorer address bar (while on the site in question)?


Just copy and paste that line (in green) in your address bar and hit your ENTER key - and you'll know the date and time the page you're viewing was last updated!

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