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Do Not Use Auto-Response or Vacation Messages!

(Outlook Express 5 & 6 - Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP)

Did you know that if you use auto-responders, a "Vacation Message", or "Out Of Office" auto-replies while you're away, you're actually creating a mess on email servers? Not only that, but you're essentially telling spammers: "Hey, look! You're sending your junk to a valid email address!" And that, alone could get you put on hundreds of spammers lists. They share and sell lists to each other in the Brotherhood of Spam, you know.

Many newsletters, online stores, and other online businesses process orders by automated messaging. If you've subscribed to newsletters or purchased something on line and your "auto-response", "Vacation Message" or "Out of Office" auto-reply is active, you could create an endless loop of completely unnecessary email: Your auto-reply will answer their auto-message and their auto-message will answer your auto-reply and so on. This uses valuable resources, can clog mail servers, and is really not needed. Is it really necessary to let someone know you're "Out of The Office" or "On Vacation"? If  it is then, a better solution is to send a message to everyone in your address book before you leave, telling them you'll be out of the office or on vacation until "________". That way your friends, family, and business associates will know you're gone and won't send you email. Your newsletters will come as they usually do and so will any confirming messages from online orders you've placed and you can read these when you come back. You'll be doing your share to stop unnecessary and useless email and avoid endless email loops of auto-responders answering each other. Plus you'll be keeping your valid, private email address out of the hands of the Brotherhood of Spam.

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