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Windows Vista-InfoAve PremiumI'd really like to go into my spiel about the Windows Vista Sidebar here - you know where I tell you it's a little bar just off N.W. Street, next to O'Leary's Pub. But, because I like you, I won't do that today.

You're either going to love the Windows Vista Sidebar or you're going to hate it. Luckily for those of you that hate it, you can keep it from appearing on your desktop just by right-clicking on it and selecting "Close Side Bar".

Me? Well, I'm starting to like it, but I could live without it. The nice part is you can add gadgets to it, and customize it to make it do things you want it to do - like show the current newsfeed from CNN (or whatever you like) - there are now hundreds of free gadgets available you can add to your Vista sidebar. Many of them are utterly useless, but one person's garbage is another person's treasure, right?

Anyway, those of you who have "pictures" enabled in your email program will be able to see my slightly customized Windows Vista Sidebar on the left. You see my nice neon clock, the latest news tidbits, a resource meter showing CPU and RAM usage, my computer's uptime since I last rebooted, and a little slideshow that I added just for this article to give it a little color.

There are hundreds and hundreds of gadgets you can add to your sidebar. Of course you're limited to only a few unless you're using a 42" LCD TV as your monitor :)

You can hundreds of gadgets free by right-clicking on the sidebar, clicking "Add more gadgets" and then clicking "Get more gadgets" at the bottom of that dialog. Or, those of you who like links in newsletters can get more gadgets from this location. And if you're a Windows XP user and are just curious, you can, of course click that link too. But you won't be able to download any gadgets, nor could you use them even if you did. Unless, of course, some swift software programmer invents a Vista sidebar for Windows XP that accepts these gadgets. Heck, who knows, maybe someone already did!

So, if you love the sidebar in Vista, be sure to take advantage of its customization features and peruse the many gadgets available for it. If you hate it, then you probably haven't read this far since I told you how to get rid of it in the first paragraph :)

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