Andy's Windows' Defragmenter Is AWOL

First of all, thank you for the Zappit freebee. It's great and the AVAST scan really speeds up thanks to Zappit. My problem is I have lost Windows' Defragmenter. I had been using Scheduled Tasks to run it every Friday, but last Friday instead of it running, an Error Starting Program message appeared. It said "A required .DLL file, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\S32STAT.DLL.was not found" I decided to run the program manually. When I went to System Tools, I found that Defragmenter is no longer on the list. Do you have any suggestions for correcting this? I hope you will select this question to run in your great newsletter. Thank you very much.

Thank you, Andy. Let's see if we can solve your problem for you:

First, go get your Windows XP CD-ROM (or recovery disk) and keep it handy. You'll probably need it at some point.

Now, click Start then Run and type in the following (exactly as shown) SFC /PURGECACHE (don't forget to leave a space between SFC and the / - if you don't you'll get an error message). Now click OK. Then click Start then RUN and type SFC /SCANNOW (Once again, don't forget to leave a space between SFC and the / - if you don't you'll get an error message). This will take awhile to run so relax and be prepared to wait and watch awhile. Grab some coffee or tea and wait it out :)

After the System File Checker has completed, click My Computer, right-click on your Windows drive (normally Drive C) and click "Properties" then click on the "Tools" tab. Place a checkmark in both boxes that are there and click OK. The complete scan will start after rebooting your computer and will take quite don't do this when you're in a hurry. After you've done all this you Defragmenter should work again.

Please note that Zappit does not remove any important files - but when using Zappit in "Advanced" mode it will delete whatever you tell it to, as it assumes anyone using Advanced Mode already knows what is safe to delete and what is not safe to delete. So, if you're not sure, use Zappit's Safe Mode. That being said, Windows XP, by default, uses what's known as Windows File Protection -which prevents removal and/or changes to any critical Windows System File, if you haven't turned it off! For those of you who doubt it works, we invite you to go to C:\Windows\ and delete "notepad.exe" . It will disappear for an instant and come back. Notepad is a critical Windows file because its the default application to read .txt files in Windows. Therefore, even if you tried to delete defrag.exe Windows wouldn't let you, unless you intentionally turned off WFP (Windows File Protection).

 I still like Oreos™ and chocolate chip the best - even though I can't eat them anymore :-( .

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