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The Windows key not only opens the Start Menu, but it does a lot more too. Here's a list of Windows key shortcuts that are very useful!

windows_key.gif + B

Set focus to first tray icon

windows_key.gif + D

Show Desktop

windows_key.gif + E

Windows Explorer

windows_key.gif + F

Find Files or Folders (Search)

windows_key.gif + M

Minimize All windows

windows_key.gif + Shift + M

Undo minimize all windows

windows_key.gif + R

Run Dialog (opens the "Run" dialog - the same as clicking "Start" then "Run")

windows_key.gif + Tab

Select Task

windows_key.gif + Pause/Break

System Properties

windows_key.gif + F1

Windows Help

windows_key.gif + L

Lock workstation

windows_key.gif + U

Windows Utility Manager

Make our Start Page your Home Page!

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