Eating Broccoli, Eating Crow
From InfoAve Premium - Issue #174 - February 16, 2007

I used to love broccoli. I loved it steamed, boiled, and raw. But, now I don't much care for it. When it's raw it is too gritty and when it's steamed it is too hard, and when it's boiled it's too mushy. I have a feeling that broccoli really hasn't changed at all; but I have. I used to love coconut too, now I don't like it at all - except in Peter Paul Mounds candy bars. And I admit I might sneak a bite of one right after this paragraph.

MMMM MMMM Good! I'm back. Anyway - times change - people change. I suppose it's a good thing that we change. Our lives would be very boring (but quite amusing) if we all stayed the way we were when we were teenagers. I sure wouldn't be sitting here writing this and you wouldn't be sitting there reading this if we were, say, 17 years old, right? I don't know what we would have been doing but I'm sure it would have been this. (I do have some ideas on that subject but they might not be fit to print. EB would censor me for sure.)

Let me get to the point. My least favorite food is crow. I don't like to eat crow. I don't know anyone who does. But, today EB and I are forced to eat it, like it or not. I'm going to tell you why. Because today we're going to tell you that we've become big fans of Firefox. And it's not like we haven't seen it coming. I found myself using it more and more and Internet Explorer less and less.

Since Windows Vista was released on January 30, 2007, we've come to the conclusion that Firefox works better, faster, and with less problems in Windows Vista than does Internet Explorer. So, we are eating crow and admitting that we were wrong about Firefox. It is the better browser. Not necessarily the "safe" browser, but the better browser.

I guess we got tired of Internet Explorer freezing and crashing more than anything else. It happens on all of our computers, not just one or two. We can see by the email that we receive that we're not the only ones. Even our friends say the same thing - Internet Explorer 7 was not an improvement on Internet Explorer 6. It is worse. It got funky. Sure the tabs are nice and it has some other nice features - but as those Firefox fans kept trying to tell us, Firefox had tabbed browsing long before Internet Explorer did.

And before you think we've completely lost it, we still don't think Firefox is the "safe" browser. No software can be 100% safe. So, we want to clear that up. But it is the "nicer" browser.

We had a couple other reservations about Firefox too: One was that you couldn't access Windows Updates sites with Firefox because Firefox does not allow Active-X scripting and that's what Windows Update uses to install updates. So if you go to Microsoft's Windows Update site using the stock, off-the-shelf Firefox, you won't get any updates. The other was the fact that our scrolling stationery didn't scroll in Firefox. And Firefox (and all Mozilla browsers like "Netscape", "Mozilla" and "Firefox") was difficult to configure as far as multimedia files go -especially Web page background music.

While Web page background music is not important, some pages, like our stationery preview pages and our "Name That Tune" contest wouldn't be the same without it. But recently we found an add-in for Firefox that allowed us to add sites that we wanted Firefox to render using the IE engine. Once we installed that add-on we were able to go to Windows Update and get updates and we were able to see our stationery preview pages the way we meant them to be seen. With the our last objections to Firefox gone, we both made Firefox our default browsers last week and we're glad we did.

Last week we both made Firefox our default browsers on our computers running Windows Vista. How ironic that Microsoft's own browser doesn't run as well as Firefox on Microsoft's brand new operating system.

As we've always done we tell you the truth. And I don't think that either EB or I ever saw the day coming when we'd jump ship and join the Firefox gang. But it's true. We've changed, the Internet has changed, the world has changed.

Maybe it's a good thing to stop and reevaluate where you've been and where you're going. Just because you've always done something the same way, does not mean there's not a better way. And, sometimes it's hard to change and even harder to admit that we may have been wrong all along.

We'll still use Internet Explorer. We'll still be writing tips and tricks for you about Internet Explorer. We've just had enough of the freezes and crashes and odd behaviors. We've been around long enough to know a better program when we see one. Right now, Firefox is the superior browser.

Are we trying to entice you to switch? By all means, no! We're telling you what we've learned and maybe some of you will make the switch if you're having problems with Internet Explorer 7. For those of you who've gone back to Internet Explorer 6 because you were having difficulty with IE 7, maybe you should give Firefox a try.

If you do decide to try Firefox there's a couple of things you need to know. After you install Firefox the first thing you should do is install a Firefox extension (add-on) called "IE TAB". Of course, like Firefox and all its add-ons, it's free.

And, if you download Firefox with Google Toolbar we do make a little commission from Google. We'll be upfront. But we'll be honest and tell you - don't download Firefox unless you're not happy with IE. And we'll provide you with the direct link to Firefox - if you download it from there we make nothing.  This is not a scheme to make money. It's just a story about how two people who have long been Microsoft supporters and even accused of being cozy with Microsoft - can change. We're not stupid, whatever Microsoft did to Internet Explorer 7 they made it worse. At one time we would have put up with it because there was not viable alternative. But now there is and we've made the change.

So we're eating crow and it really doesn't taste too bad. EB, will you pass me the broccoli please?

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Information for those who want to try Firefox

After you download Firefox, open it and copy and paste the following link in the address bar. You must copy and paste it into Firefox because if Internet Explorer is still your default browser and you click it - it will open in Internet Explorer and IE won't know what to do with it. So please open Firefox and paste the URL below in the address bar and press your ENTER key:

Be sure to only add sites that you really need to add to this extension. Sites that you need to render using the IE engine in Firefox. Windows Update site is already included in the extension. You should include*  and* exactly as you see it here.

A couple more things: We once wrote that we weren't sure that Mozilla could keep up with the various attacks that were sure to be aimed at Firefox as its market share grew. Firefox (Mozilla Foundation) now has a large staff of full-time programmers and millions of dollars at its disposal. We're confident that they'll be able to keep Firefox updated and protected as well as or better than Microsoft can with Internet Explorer 7. If that ever changes we'll eat crow again and tell you - but from what we've learned and what we've seen so far, we're happy with the change we made.

And for those of you using RoboForm, you'll be happy to learn the RoboForm works perfectly with Firefox!

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