New October 2009! InfoAve Premium Ebook Vol VI, The Sixth Year

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CDROM and USB includes all E-books from prior years too!

Our InfoAve Premium E-book Vol 6 the Sixth Year, contains all the tips, tricks, questions/answers, Freeware Picks, Web Site Picks, Readers Comments, Back to Basic Tips, Rants, Pet Peeves and Reader's Tips, from the sixth year of InfoAve Premium. This e-book is specially designed for easy navigation, printability, and ease-of-use and includes a Search FeatureBonus includes all of our Rants from the past year and special Windows 7 Tips!

What is an Ebook? An E-Book is a book you read on your computer. Instead of a paper book it's an electronic book. It includes bookmark and Search feature! It is an excellent resource for all the information provided in our Premium Newsletter during our fourth year. Click here for screenshot



Order Now! Chose download, CDROM or USB! 
CDROM and USB includes ebooks from prior years too!