Do a Little Time Traveling With Google Maps

Go time traveling with Google Maps Google adds new time machine feature to let users see older images of favorite places, buildings By Sharon Gaudin Google is giving users something of a time machine in a new feature on Maps. The company is adding past images of places noted in Street View for the desktop […]

Money Wins Again–Net Neutrality Falls

F.C.C., in ‘Net Neutrality’ Turnaround, Plans to Allow Fast Lane   WASHINGTON — The Federal Communications Commission will propose new rules that allow Internet service providers to offer a faster lane through which to send video and other content to consumers, as long as a content company is willing to pay for it, according to […]

Windows 8.2 Coming Soon

The next Windows 8 update could be called Windows 8.2 According to popular Microsoft beta scene group WZOR, which has accurately delivered copious amounts of news, screenshots, and leaks regarding the development of various versions of Microsoft Windows all the way from the Windows Vista days to today, Microsoft is planning on releasing the next […]

How to Limit Gmail Ads

Gmail Scans Your Emails for More Targeted Ads (Here’s How to Limit What You See) Google recently updated their TOS to reflect the email scanning practices they use in Gmail, which are used to display more relevant ads, among other things. The actual scanning of Gmail emails is nothing new, but the update to Google’s […]

Inexpensive Android Laptops Coming Soon

Microsoft continues to commit blunder after blunder — now it appears Microsoft is trying to get back the past — the next major Windows Update will make Windows 8 like Windows 7. Customers are exasperated – many people are throwing their hands up and starting to look for an alternative to Microsoft Windows. Yes of […]