Data Scooping: Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide

The Sensor-Rich, Data-Scooping Future From New York Times Technology The question is, will this be good for the many, or the mighty few? Earlier this month, General Electric announced it was selling GE Capital, its financial arm. With less fanfare, G.E. also unveiled plans for computer-connected L.E.D. streetlights, so cities can collect and analyze performance… Read More »

The Bigger My World Gets

The Bigger My World Gets In the midst of a busy and tiring day like this one, it’s hard to imagine tranquility. It’s hard to separate myself from all that swirls around me and imagine a simpler day, a simpler time, a simpler place. Someday these kinds of busy days will be far behind me… Read More »

The Lawnmower Incident

The Lawnmower Incident Every day we fix computers. And when we’re not fixing computers, we’re working on tips and tricks for computers. Almost every day is spent working on or with computers. So,  to us computers are pretty simple devices, which can get annoying -but  we don’t look at them as complicated, frustrating, mysterious devices.… Read More »