Happy Birthday, EB!

All of you know her as EB, some of you know her as Darcy, and most of you know she’s a pretty special lady. She is the one who makes sure that everyone who writes gets an answer, every order gets filled, and everyone with a computer problem who has a Cloudeight Direct service key […]

Comcast’s Poor Customer Service: Every Call Is a Sales Call

Comcast Confessions: when every call is a sales call When AOL executive and Comcast customer Ryan Block recently tried to cancel his internet service, he ended up in a near-yelling match with a customer service representative who spent 18 minutes trying to talk him out of it. Rep: I’m just trying to figure out here what it […]

Amazon: Create-Your-Own 3D-Printing Store

Amazon Now Has a Create-Your-Own 3D-Printing Store Amazon has just opened a new 3D Printing Store, which allows customers to customize and then purchase “more than 200 unique print-on-demand products.” Customer can take their pick from a wide variety of products to tweak: from cufflinks to credit card holders, iPhone cases to… err, custom bobbleheads. The amount of customization […]

Internet Explorer: The most vulnerable web browser of 2014

IE was the most vulnerable web browser in the first half of 2014 The browser market is a fiercely competitive arena dominated by three big players: Microsoft, Google and Mozilla. Yes, there are other browsers out there like Safari and Opera, but for the most part, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox are the household names that most consumers […]

Windows 9: Microsoft to Give You What You Want?

Plans leaked for Windows 9 Windows 8 wasn’t exactly a runaway success; however, Microsoft’s fortunes might be set to improve with the launch of Windows 9. Exact release details aren’t available just yet, but it is rumored that Windows 9 will be released sometime in 2015; probably April, while other sources state that it will […]

How to Boot Into Windows Safe Mode — and Why You Might Need to

If you’re having problems with your computer and you suspect you’re infected with malware (a virus, Trojan, rogue, spyware, etc.) booting into Safe Mode is a good first step. Safe Mode is available in all versions of Windows and is a special mode of Windows were only the bare minimum of services load and minimal […]