Deleted files are not really deleted…but

Secure Delete Files OK ready class? A review. You all know by now when you delete a file that it’s not really deleted, right? All that happens when you delete a file in Windows is that the space occupied by that file is marked as “available” so the operating system can reuse it. The files… Read More »

Popcan George

Popcan George I never knew his name until I read his obituary. You will think I’m shallow when you read this. You are probably right. The man has been a joke of sorts in our town since I can remember. I used to see Pop-can George riding his bike around town. He’d always have three… Read More »

Our Special Memorial Day Sale Starts Today!

Our Special Memorial Day Sale Starts Today! Cloudeight Direct Computer Care Annual Service Keys on sale now! It’s just like having insurance for your computer. One year of unlimited* Cloudeight Direct Computer Care service for $99. SPECIAL MEMORIAL DAY SALE – SAVE $36!  During this sale, you can get an annual key for one computer… Read More »

Easy but Arcane Windows Tips

Easy but Arcane Windows Tips Copying the content of Windows dialog box Do you want copy the contents of Windows dialog box? Just click anywhere inside the box, press Ctrl + C, open Notepad and press Ctrl+V. Navigate to your “home” folder in Windows The home folder for your user account in Windows XP is “Documents… Read More »

Three more tips for Google Chrome

Three handy tips for Google Chrome EB hangs in there with Internet Explorer, but TC’s default browser is Google Chrome. We both use Firefox occasionally. Firefox seems to have “grown” over the years and isn’t quite the fast, sleek browser it once was – but Firefox is still a great browser. Anyway, if you, like… Read More »

3 groovy Windows tips

3 groovy Windows tips Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8x and Windows 10 “Slow down, you move too fast You got to make the morning last Just kicking down the cobblestones Looking for fun and feelin’ groovy Ba da da da da da da, feelin’ groovy…” (Paul Simon ‘The 59th Street Bridge Song… Read More »