Windows 10 computers? Buy Now and Save Big!

Windows 10 Computers? Buy Now and Save Big! As a rule, new laptops are not expensive – especially right now. In the short interim period right before Windows 10 is released, stores are reducing prices to get rid of Windows 8.1 computers they have in stock. Buy a Windows 8.1 computer now, leave it in the… Read More »

More of your Windows 10 questions answered

More of your Windows 10 questions answered We have been receiving dozens of emails every day asking about Windows 10. And a lot of  you…and rightly so…are a little suspicious about why Microsoft is suddenly becoming altruistic and giving most users – over 60% of computer users use Windows 7 and about 11% use Windows… Read More »

Look ma! No ads!

Look ma! No ads! How to use Google Search without the ads Those of us who have tablets or smartphones know that searching with those devices is faster than search with a PC…there are no ads and clutter to waste space or waste time to load. So the question I asked myself, how can I… Read More »

The stars on thars

The stars on thars (or how to quickly add a site to your Favorites or bookmarks) This tip applies to all modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer The last few Cloudeight Direct sessions, it occurred to me that most people have never noticed the star in (or near) their browser’s address bar. If you’re… Read More »

Discover a phishing scam

“Discover”a phishing scam I received this email this morning and deleted it, and then thought about it and dragged it out of the deleted items folder. I thought this was a typical phishing scam designed to lure poor, unsuspecting folks who don’t subscribe to our newsletters … into giving up their Discover Card details.  Since… Read More »