Welcome to the Fastlane

Welcome to the Fastlane Yesterday we featured an article in our Premium newsletter praising the FCC for voting in favor of keeping the Internet  equally accessible to everyone with an Internet connection. Needless to say we were surprised when we received quite a few emails dissing us for supporting Net Neutrality. However, from the anti-net-neutrality… Read More »

It’s All About Meme

What is a meme? Good question. What would you think a meme would be? Nothing like a mime, but closer to a me me – hey look at me kind of thing. Muse on a meme and melt into the masses – be at one with the crowd. Memes are everywhere and most are concocted… Read More »

Account Killer

Account Killer OK so you joined a Web mail, or social media site or Web site and now you’re stuck. It’s captured all your funky personal info and though you try to get away, it’s claws have dug in deeply. You’re trapped, you can’t leave – the site reminds you of the Hotel California –… Read More »