More Buggy Updates From Your Buddies At Microsoft

Recently, Microsoft released updates for Windows 8.x that caused BSODs (Blue Screens of Death) on users’ PCs. After discovering this they silently pulled the updates and removed the links from their update site. A week later, updates released by Microsoft cause Windows 7 users problems. Many reported BSODs after installing the updates rendering some computers […]

It’s a Whole ‘Nother Calculator-

Windows 7 ‘s Calculator Of course you can use Windows 7′s Calculator to do simple calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; but Calculator also offers the advanced capabilities of a programming, scientific, and statistical calculator too. It has a unit of measure converter which includes angle, area, energy, length, power, pressure, temp, time, […]

Net Neutrality Beginning to Crumble

Netflix now paying Time Warner Cable for faster speeds too Netflix is now paying Time Warner Cable in hopes of delivering better movie and TV streams to customers of both companies. The latest interconnection deal, first reported by Gigaom, means that Netflix has signed peering arrangements with the top four US broadband providers: Comcast, Time Warner Cable, AT&T, […]

Brain Hacking – The Day Is Coming

Brain Hacking Is Having Incredible Effects, and It’s Just Getting Started (Morris MacMatzen/Reuters) With a jolt of electricity, you might be able to enter a flow state that allows you to learn a new skill twice as quickly, solve problems that have mystified you for hours, or even win a sharpshooting competition. And this just […]

Some Good Advice About Computers From Your Friends At Cloudeight

Folks a computer is just a machine. You operate it, it does not operate you. Do not make things more difficult by over-thinking things or finding problems where there are none. Most problems are minor annoyances and can be easily corrected.  We have seen many folks how find problems that are not problems at all – phantoms, […]

Your Questions and Our Answers About Backups

Ever since we introduced our newest Cloudeight recommended and endorsed software programs – Genie Timeline Home 2014 – we been besieged with questions about backups. From the questions we received, we can now understand why over half of you don’t bother with backups. And we’re beginning to understand why a lot of folks find  computers difficult […]