In the Quiet Hours

In the Quiet Hours Have you ever listened to the sound of quiet? The Quiet that never quite lives up to its name, because there are always the vague hummings and tickings that are almost not there. If you listen to the quiet it will tell you a story, but it might not be a… Read More »

TV Ads Are About to Start Watching You

THANKS TO GOOGLE, TV ADS ARE ABOUT TO START WATCHING YOU Article written by Klint Finley, Wired News GOOGLE IS ABOUT to make ads on television work just like ads on the web. Through Google, advertisers will know how many times their ads were viewed. They’ll be able to target audiences based on location and… Read More »

We’ve Been Thinking…

We’ve Been Thinking About Making Some Changes I know that scares you…when we say “we’ve been thinking”, that can’t be good, right? Well this time we think we’ve hit on an idea that you’ll like, but we’re not sure. We have been thinking of expanding our weekly Premium newsletter from just another tech newsletter to something… Read More »