The Bottomless Newspaper

Someone called me snarky the other day; I couldn’t believe it! Me snarky?  I was cut to the quick – I had to look it up to make sure I was being insulted. But sure enough, I was right – I was being insulted. However the insulter was being a hypocrite since his vitriolic comment was… Read More »

Is Windows 10 a Hit Already?

Is Microsoft’s Windows 10 Already a Hit? People dislike Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT ) Windows 8 so much that over 1 million users signed up to beta test an early version of its replacement Windows 10 operating system in the first two weeks it was available — despite the company encouraging them not to do so.… Read More »

Just the Facts Ma’am

Police Departments Skirting Public Accountability By Using Private Foundations To Obtain Controversial Surveillance Technology The less the public knows about law enforcement surveillance technology, the better. That’s the thought process governing the purchase and deployment of technology like Stingray devices and automatic license plate readers. In the case of the former, even the nation’s top… Read More »