An Important Comment From Us About InfoAve Premium Newsletters
Last week, again, we received dozens of emails from Premium subscribers who didn't receive last week's issue, or another past issue. Some receive "most" issues but not all issues.

We're going to try to explain this again and hope that you take action to ensure that your ISP is not interfering with your email.

The first thing to remember is your ISP may not admit they are using any kind of sp*am filters. None, of course, will admit to censoring your email. But when you don't receive something you've paid for, which cannot, therefore, be sp*am, then something is preventing you from receiving it. For 172 weeks now, we've sent InfoAve Premium on Friday mornings (U.S. Eastern time). But for some reason, every week we receive dozens of emails from folks asking if the newsletter was sent.

We want you to know this: If there is ever a week when because of an emergency or any other reason beyond our control we cannot send our regular newsletter, we will send an announcement and explain why the newsletter was not issued. In such an eventuality we would have the courtesy to let you know beforehand if there was a problem. We don't expect this will happen but no one knows what tomorrow will bring. We want you to know we do have a contingency plan just in case. You will be notified in a brief announcement and on your Premium Members' Home Page if something prevented us from sending out our regular newsletter on Friday morning.

There are only three possible reasons why you're not receiving our Premium Newsletter:

1. Your ISP is having temporary problems with their mail server. This is not an issue, because the Premium newsletter is resent every four hours (six total attempts) to everyone who didn't receive it the first time. Temporary mail server problems are normally resolved quickly (within a few hours). You should receive your newsletter, even if your ISP is having mail server problems, but your newsletter may be delayed 24 hours because of it. Wait 24 hours and see. If your newsletter does not arrive by Saturday morning (U.S. Eastern Time) then one of the two following reasons applies.

2. This is the NUMBER ONE reason! Your ISP is filtering (censoring) your email based on arbitrary and faulty sp*am filters. This is called automated censorship because that's exactly what it is. This is exactly the reason some of you are receiving most but not all issues of InfoAve Premium. Perhaps one week we used a word like "spy*ware" that your ISP's censorship filters don't like. Or perhaps in one issue we used purple text and that is not allowed by your ISP's censorship filters. Or perhaps in another issue we used the words "cli-ck here" - that triggers your ISP's censorship machine. Are you beginning to grasp the problem here? We can change words like "sp*am", "spy*ware" etc. And we can try not to use colors of text (like "red") that set off censorship filters, but we cannot possibly know from week to week what is going to set off any particular ISP's censorship machine. Therefore, some weeks, those of you who are unfortunate enough to be using an ISP who has mail censorship in place, receive our newsletter and the next week, you don't. Or perhaps you'll receive a dozen weeks of InfoAve Premium without a problem - then, for apparently no reason, you won't receive an issue, then the next week you do.

A great example of this is those of you who subscribe to our Free Edition of InfoAve. Many cannot understand why they get the Free Edition but not the Premium Edition. The reason is simple: InfoAve Premium contains five or six times as much content as the Free Edition; which means there are going to be five or six times as many reasons for your ISP to censor it.

This problem will continue to plague us and you, until enough of you say "Enough!". People clamored for a solution to sp*am and this is what the ISPs came up with. While you can be sure you're still getting sp*am, with sp*am filters you're not getting a lot of good email. The baby is being thrown out with the bathwater. It happens all the time. It's not just with InfoAve Premium. The only reason you notice it with InfoAve Premium is because you're expecting it. What happens if an old friend emails you and you never receive it because your ISP deleted it? How would you even know it was deleted? You expect our Premium Newsletter on a certain day, and if you don't get it (especially because you're paying for it) you KNOW you didn't get it. But that email from your old friend that gets deleted? You will never know your ISP deleted it unless your old friend picks up the phone and says: "Hey, how come you never answered that email I sent you last week about the big reunion we're having?" Then you know.

We get a lot of mail from people who are irate because they think we are not sending the newsletter that they're paying for - which is not true. They'll say something like "I get all my other mail. The only one I don't get is yours." Hmm. Well, how do you know you're missing something unless you were expecting something? See? You don't really know you're getting "all" your other mail. Do you?

NOTE: Before you go calling your ISP and blasting them for censoring your email - read this: Your ISP may have set up new sp*am filter that you were not notified about. And when these are first set up, they are usually set up with very strict rules. Your ISP may allow you to log in to your mail settings on your ISP Web site and edit or change these settings. Many people have reported recently that their ISP has done that but "forgot" to tell their customers. So, a word to the wise: Make sure you check your ISP's Web site to ensure they don't have customer configurable options that allow you to control the email filters on your own account. OK?

3. You have sp*am filtering software installed. If you use any kind of sp*am filtering software - it's a better way of dealing with sp*am than letting your ISP censor your mail for you. At least with sp*am filters installed on your computer, you have the power to control what is deleted and what is not. See, the key work here is "YOU". You have to learn how to use your sp*am filtering software. You have to know how to teach it what is sp*am and what is not. If you use a type of sp*am filtering software that puts everything in a folder called "Junk" for example, don't assume every mail in that folder is "sp*am" or "junk". You have to browse through and make sure. And, if your software puts everything in a folder called "Sp*am" don't assume it is all sp*am and don't be afraid something terrible is going to happen if you open that folder and browse the subject lines. You have to take responsibility and you have to learn your sp*am software program so you can configure it so it works for you. You're not supposed to be at any software program's mercy you know. You control the software, it shouldn't control you. Don't let it control you. You take control. Learn the program and configure it so it works FOR you and not against you.

Let's summarize quickly here: We have sent our Premium Newsletter every Friday morning for 172 week in a row. In the unlikely event we were unable to publish a regular newsletter for one week, we would send you short announcement. We would also publish a short announcement on your Premium Members' Home Page. We would certainly let you know the reason why your newsletter was not going to be sent. We would never simply not send you the newsletter. So unless you hear otherwise from us, our newsletter will be sent every Friday morning as it always has for the past 172 weeks. If, by Saturday morning, you have not received yours, you should now understand the reason why.

It's time to stop ISP censorship (sp*am filtering) because it does not work. We've proven it does not work. An email newsletter you pay for cannot, by definition be sp*am, yet week after week after week, ISPs reject our newsletter because of content, color of font, a phrase or something else their automated censorship programs find "spa*mmy". Sp*am is UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email). InfoAve Premium (nor any of our other newsletters) is never unsolicited email. Is it? Your ISP may deny they are using any kind of sp*am filtering (many do) but a quick look at some of the ISPs' home pages that told their customers that they don't use any sort of "sp*am filters" showed things like "50 million sp*am emails deleted - and counting! We protected our customers from over 50 million sp*am emails!" One wonders how many of those were InfoAve Premium newsletters, letters from aunt betty, old friends, and order confirmations. We're betting quite a few.

Do not permit your ISP to censor your email or you're never going to get all of your email. That's the simple, plain truth. As long as you permit it, it will only get worse. The more ISPs can make you believe that censorship is a "service" the more of a problem it will become: for you - and for us.

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