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One day, last summer, I was looking at EB's garden, and being a naive fellow from Ohio, I was about to pluck a flower from one of the plants, when I looked down and saw that my little finger was being eaten by a plant. EB just laughed. It was her heirloom Venus fly trap - the Wild Borneo variety - nibbling the end of my little finger. It wouldn't let go. I nearly lost my whole hand. If you go to visit EB, and I don't know why you would, stay away from her garden.

Yes, you're right. It's not quite summer yet here in our neck o' the woods. It's been a really chilly month of May so far, but both of us are itching to plant flowers and vegetables. But here in the Midwest we have to wait another week or so, or risk having our tender plants killed by a late spring frost. Oh yes, we have been down that road many times before - the older we get, the more inclined we are to keep our britches on and wait until we're sure it's safe.  I am anxious to plant my tomatoes and EB her fly traps and you? You plant whatever you like.

EB's Venus FlyTrapYes, we're fast approaching the summer solstice, the day when crazy people, in funny hats, drink and dance around a fire and hoot at the moon! No? Oh yeah, that's the winter solstice, isn't it?

So, on this chilly, rainy, almost mid-May day, we're thinking of gardening. I can almost hear EB's Venus Fly Traps munching on those Michigan cockroaches right now.

Slurp, slurp. Chomp, chomp. That's not the fly traps - that's EB eating lunch!

Seriously... whether you like to eat, or like to cook, or like to garden, you'll find our site pick interesting - no matter where in the world you live. If you live in Australia or New Zealand where the winter solstice is approaching, you can put on funny hats and dance around and hoot at the moon I guess. Surely, something grows somewhere in your fine countries in the month of June.

Hey, it's a site for all seasons! For all countries. For all of you who garden, you probably know that you can cook with the stuff you grow (heads up, EB). All you need are recipes. So, whether your garden looks like mine, or EB's, or your garden is your supermarket's produce section, you'll enjoy this site.

And don't you turnip your nose! You will really like this site whether you have a garden or not, I tells ya. You don't even have to like vegetables. Do you like roast beef? You'll like this site. Do you like hamburgers on the grill? You'll like this site. Do you like Quiche Lorraine? You're not a real man! But you'll like this site. You like Doctor Jughead's jerky? You're a real man! You'll like this site. Everyone will like this site. I know that even EB likes this site. And if she likes it, you'll like it, because she hardly likes anything. She doesn't like me very much ... right abot now.

So you better like me. Trust me, you don't want to get on her dark side. I just about live on her dark side and, trust me, it's not where you want to be.

What? You think I'm an old windbag? I'm old, but a windbag? I think not! Yes, I know you're exasperated with my long windy introductions and my climatological dissertation. All you want to know is -- WHAT IS THE DARN SITE??

Our site pick today is GardenGuides.

And here's what Garden Guides has to say:

Garden Guides' mission is to be the best online resource for gardening enthusiasts. We have been a popular internet resource for many years, due to our collection of top-quality gardening information, including gardening how-to's by top garden writers, plant fact sheets and guide sheets, seasonal tips and garden techniques, garden recipes, and much more. Garden Guides' crack team features gardening enthusiasts just like you, with differing shades of green thumbs from pale to dark green. Some of us barely maintain cacti, while others frolic in verdant gardens that are the envy of the neighborhood. We have a wide range of expertise, which helps us make sure Garden Guides is a resource for all types of gardeners, from novices to experts.

See? They have recipes. Even recipes for stuff with meat in it. Our site pick is not just for vegetable-eating yuppies. It's for you, me and even EB. That's why GardenGuides is our site pick today. Harvest some great gardening tips and recipes today. Whether you live in southern climes where you can plant anytime, or if you live in Frostbite Falls, Minnesota in the middle of January... this site is really a site for all seasons.

And let's all remember what are very late pal William Shakespeare said about summer: "Summer's date hath all too short a lease" and he's right you know. Summer is coming, and it's time to get planting. Or if you're not into planting, it's time to get cooking. Or something.  Get growing! Visit GardenGuides right now. It's a site for all seasons...and seasonings.

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