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A Prescient Day

There is the feeling of autumn in the air this morning. It's a day out of place and out of time. A portent of autumn and a reminder that winter is not long past and autumn is not too far away. It has been a hot August but one that followed an unusually cool June and July.

As I lay awake on this mid-August morning, I listened to the wind blowing and rustling the tired summer trees and i watched the shadows of the leaves dance sadly on the faded green grass. I think they know that autumn is not far off. The leaves look old and off-color. Just a few months ago I watched the landscape grow verdant. These weary leaves were once a brilliant and fresh spring-green. Once alive and full of vigor they have grown haggard are look ready for sleep.

Time, like a river, moves ever forward emptying into some unseen, unknowable, mysterious lake that exists in a primordial abyss where everyone who has ever lived or will ever live goes. An eternal lake devoid of time and without dimension or form. Those of us who feel the wind or look up at the bright crystal-blue sky cannot comprehend the vastness of that lake - we can only imagine in our own puny way that it does await us, crouching like a lion with its mouth open waiting for us to come to him.

Time is precious and time is true. Time is always moving toward the same end and we will never be able to know what lurks beyond the end of time - and when we find out - we cannot tell the ones we left behind.

We are all ones that were left behind by others who have gone gently or not-so-gently into that good night - into that unfathomable, unimaginable lake that awaits us all when our journey on this long and winding river finally ends.

Sing and rejoice as you walk out into this lovely day. Be thankful for this time and for the wonders of life on this beautiful and prescient autumnal morning.

Life may be drifting inevitably on that precarious river that winds unstoppable toward that dark and fearsome lake; and that lake may may well not be what we had hoped.

Life ends but love never does. Love exists beyond the dimensions of time and space; love will never fall into the lake in the void that we cannot see but feel getting closer as time takes its toll on us all.

Love life and live love. If we do then that lake may well swallow us in the end - but it can never conquer us. Love conquers time and transcends the vast yet finite boundaries of our wondrous universe.

Celebrate life. Celebrate love. Enjoy this soft and gentle preview of autumn. It has been  given to us to enjoy and to savor - right now, right here in the middle of August.

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